Business Opportunity

The Tuxedo Junction licensing program is both simple and inexpensive. It was developed in 2004 to form a strong alliance of independents capable of competing with national chains. This program provides many benefits to the independent members of our group.  For a small monthly fee our licensees receive support from our experienced marketing and technical staff.

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  • Customized website which is part of the main Tuxedo Junction website. We continue to invest extensive time and resources to keep our web presence first rate. That means exposure to just under 500,000 visitors in 2010.
  • Exclusive merchandise. Developed from concept to design to manufacture. Tuxedo Junction has spent 25 years developing this proprietary merchandise program, which is offered to our licensees at our cost. We also negotiate co-op pricing with many of the traditional vendors.
  • Marketing. In addition to internet exposure, we provide access (at cost) to all of the marketing materials we produce. Our marketing department has received many awards through the years.